What Is A Patent?

Patents grant those who hold a company’s invention a right to make, use, offer for sale, to sell for a period; a utility patent is usually valid for 20 years and a design patent for 15 years.

How Is A Patent Different From A Trademark Or Copyright?

Any word, name, symbol, sound, or color that helps identify a particular product or service and indicates is protected by a trademark. If you use a trademark in a commercial setting, you can renew it forever, unlike a patent.

Creating works of writing, music, and art and tangibly expressing them are protected as copyrights.

Why Is A Patent Necessary?

As a manufacturer or an individual, you should obtain and preserve top-quality patent rights when you develop a new product or process. A patent can provide a number of valuable benefits to the investor, including valuable ownership rights for property, increased marketing opportunities, promising licensing potential, and financial returns.