About Us

Considering our care and attention, empathy, and sheer determination, customers acknowledge us as the “go-to” company for community association litigation. We frequently receive recommendations from far and local lawyers (realtors, doctors, accountants, engineers, and financial planners) who’ve been looking for a gaming lawyer with experience in one of the areas of practice.

In order to serve our clients, we understand their needs. It is our passion to provide legal services that are industry-focused and based on a deep and broad knowledge of the industry. To keep our clients out of harm’s way, we find innovative and creative solutions to their problems. Delivering results is our first priority. Our team of trusted advisors appreciates the opportunity to work with you.

Our experience spans both the public and private sectors – particularly during times of rapid growth and intense regulatory scrutiny – including an understanding of industry-specific regulations and compliance requirements, public policy issues, and operational needs. Contact us if you are in any of these situations.